23 February 2012

(Another) Whiff of Spring

Little by little, the bright colors that are the hallmark of East Coast GTH style come creeping in. Funny, these days I feel that wearing things like pyjamas, flip flops and underwear in public as clothing shouts "Go To Hell" a lot more loudly than bright colors and embroidery, but that's just me.
Today, a bright orange sweater is the thing. Acquired for $1.99 at a thrift shop, the only tag it bore was one saying "100% wool". No brand name, no real way of discerning its age or provenance. Just a really good sweater in a cheery color for a couple of bucks. With a striped shirt and barest hint of oh-so-pretentious ascot showing, under a Barbour jacket, it's a nice whiff of Spring....just a whiff.

Below, favorite charcoal flannels with favorite tassel loafers and bottle green socks. I think I need to buy a dozen pair of these socks. I find they go with almost anything, in a way that is a whiff quirky without being silly...just a whiff.

p.s. the Shop will go into sleeper mode beginning tomorrow night for my upcoming appearance at the Drill Hall Flea this Sunday. Out of towners, if you've been eyeing something, get it now before I sell it live on Sunday.


Tony said...

You wear a lot of really beat-up looking shoes.

Giuseppe said...

I prefer the term "well loved" . That's what happens when you stand for upwards of 16 hours a day, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I love that sweater. I prefer wool sweaters to cotton ones. They seem warmer to me. It would look great with the green corduroy pants from yesterday.

Unknown said...

Like the idea on the green bottle socks. Never owned a pair and need some easy casual go to socks.

Ken said...

Tony, that's the best part about thrift-store shoes. The breaking-in has already been done, not to mention the depreciation. A $125 pair of '70's era "well loved" long-wings at the thrift store for $7.99? Can't beat it.

Anonymous said...

After a negative comment on the jeans I thought I should at least write when I like what you post. Great combination..

Donald said...

I like the shoes/pants combination.

Why aren't more men wearing gray flannels? They look good, maybe even rich-looking. I hardly see any men wear them.


Square With Flair said...

I don't think the ascot looks pretentious at all...especially that discreet amount showing. It looks elegant and civilized in a world where fewer people make an effort to look attractive.