22 February 2012

A Whiff of Spring

...but just a whiff. While we seem to have skipped Winter entirely this year, and the weather has been nice, it is still not yet March. And while I find myself surrounded with men running around in t-shirts and flip flops (dammit, already?), I won't take things that far. Still, a nod to the pleasantness of a bright sunny day is well in order:
This combination of bright green cords with zesty argyles and tassel loafers is just the thing when a bit of sunny dash is needed in what is still, technically, Winter. Up top, a navy and white micro gingham shirt, navy Shetland sweater, camel colored cashmere topcoat, and Donegal tweed cap.

A whiff of Spring...just a whiff.


David V said...

I was thinking the same of our weather. Then they announce a Winter Storm Watch. Expected snow accumulations of 6 to 7 inches. I guess I keep the socks on for a few more days.

Colby Kern said...

I know what you mean about the t-shirts and flip flops...it may be warm, but it's not seasonably appropriate people! Everybody had flip flops on around campus.

Love your socks.

Young Fogey said...


T-shirts and flip-flops are appropriate for the gym and the beach.

That's about it.

But based on your picture, I imagine you already knew that.