29 March 2012

"Do Nothing At All...."

We don't have a t.v. in our house. I'm not mentioning that fact by way of being an obnoxious yuppie who likes to brag about such things, but only as an explanation of the fact that I've never heard of the horror that follows until today:

Mrs. G. found one of these gems still in the box at a thrift store today and kindly sent me photos. Ever seen one of those movies where some guy gets to see into the future but some wise old lady tells him not to do it because what he sees may not be good but he looks anyway only to discover the old lady was right?  Or the ones that take place in the not too distant future where everyone is all bland and smiling except for this one outcast who feels that we may have paid more dearly than we know for all of this beloved convenience we've achieved? That's how I felt when I saw this.

"Lazywear"?!?!? Yikes!


Kent said...

They totally ripped off Ralphie's aunt Clara. :-P


Buddyx7 said...

I'm ready to slit my wrists! A future populated with retarded adult teletubbies is more than I can bear :(

Sheik of Araby said...

Mrs G. didn't buy it for you? You just have to wear it with panache...I'm seeing the navy version layered over a blue end-on-end shirt with a black knit silk tie, maybe a collar pin and cordovan longwings.

If anyone could rock it, you could.

Jho78 said...

Far be it from me to tell someone else what they should wear to curl up on the couch in their own home, but I sincerely hope everyone would have the good sense not to wear one of these in public.

Kent, you're right. The look like a pink nightmare.

JKG said...

@Buddyx7: Future? Future? This is the now, man. This shit is here and here to stay.

And I'm with the Sheik -- I think it would go perfectly with a certain Teutonic cape and a jaunty chapeau.

BenMN said...

Looks great covered in cat hair and cheetos dust : )

Anonymous said...

No TV? I guess it won't be long until you're "reviewing" some 49" lcd baby sent over by BestBuy. Enjoy it.

Giuseppe said...


I can review both the t.v. and Best Buy right now if you like, but the language would be a bit blue, and this is a family place.


the Teutonic cape has been sent to a better home. Even I have my limits.

NCJack said...

When they showed the people actually out in public (at "Da Game"), and brought up "having to go", I thought for a second they were going to say it had some sort of internal system...I'd be ashamed to wear that at home, what if there was a fire and you had to run out?

Anonymous said...


I may buy one if they make them in green velvet. I claim good precedent as, during the Second World War, Sir Winston Churchill, Britain's great wartme Prime Minister and a man of tremendous personal style, designed his famous 'Siren Suit' and had it made by shirt makers Turnbull and Asser of Jermyn Street. See this from the Daily Telegraph:


Best wishes from London,

Tim K

Young Fogey said...

Even on vacation I wear a tie. On my most recent jaunt, they were woolen ties, some knitted and some plaid, but ties nonetheless. (Did I mention that I wore ties on the days I drove all day, too?)

I don't always take off my tie after getting home from work, and when I do, I normally replace it with an ascot.

"Lazywear?" I don't do casual, much less lazy!

Northmoon said...

Thanks for the laugh G!

Like NCJack I was thinking yes you could wear these in the privacy of your home, but what if there was a fire? Then they said they were perfect for a tailgate party!!! OMG people actually would wear these in public?? Please spare me.

Thomas said...

I saw this (or a similar product) on the television machine one evening the first thing I thought of when the "gang" was hanging out at the tailgate party was "they look like one of those cults who all dress alike and invariably come to a bad end"

JimW said...

For a look at our future, check out the 2006 Mike Judge film, 'Idiocracy'. For one thing, its hilarious satire, and taken as such is very very funny. On the other hand, its a scarily prophetic look at a future where Snuggies, Tap-Out clothing, and functional illiteracy is embraced as the norm.

I like to be comfortable too - nothing better than doffing my business wear on a friday evening, and putting on mocs, old khakis and Woolrich flannel. I just keep it to myself, is all!

Tim J. Moerman said...

Ya know G, I am with you on most of your postings. Don't get me started on sweatpants in public, etc. But in this case, there is something so far gone about Forever Lazy that I can actually think of one appropriate use for it: Flying.

Think about it. You spend hours and hours in completely enclosed, climate-controlled locations. You are repeatedly ordered to empty your pockets, remove your shoes, surrender your fluids and otherwise let your meticulously assembled person be knocked apart like Charlie Brown by a fastball. Under these circumstances, "dignity" is simply not on the menu.

So why not, for this one purpose, go all the way in the other direction? Let the Forever Lazy become the Flight Suit.