23 October 2012

Another One in the Bag

Top Shelf Flea Market 6 is officially in the bag, and I am truly grateful for the terrific response we had from customers and vendors alike. While it's true that it is a giant undertaking on my part to pull this off, I can't do any of it without the hard work of each and every vendor and the support of readers and community members. Thank you everybody, and here's looking forward to  a great Top Shelf 7.

p.s. I was pretty busy all day, and barely had time to snap a photo. If anyone has better shots to share, please email me at anaffordablewardrobe@yahoo.com and I'll be happy to share them here.

p.p.s. the Shop is back up and running, with many new items continuing to go up for sale in the next few days. Stop by and stay tuned.

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