18 September 2008

No Money, No Problem, part 2

A little more history on the story behind this blog.

Recently, one of my best friends got married. A really swell party, outdoors under a tent on Labor Day weekend, behind the brides parents house, on a verdant and secluded hill in the backwoods of western Massachusetts.

It had been a while since I attended a wedding, and even longer since I got a new suit, so I was dying for a fresh outfit. Believe me, this caused me no little distress.

First I went to Filene's Basement, who was advertising a big men's suit sale...40% off! Mind you, this was not at Boston's true Filene's Basement (the one in the basement of Filene's). Alas, that most venerable of institutions is no longer with us. One day, I will devote an entire long winded post to it. Anyway, the suits were indeed marked down...you could buy a $4000 Italian number for a mere $1000. BARGAIN CITY!

As I searched all the other stores, I ran into my usual problem: anything I liked I couldn't afford, anything I could afford was atrocious. I had all but resigned myself to making due with something from the existing wardrobe (woe is me, I can be such a girl sometimes) when I happened across this little number in ( you guessed it) a thrift store:
The picture doesn't do it justice. Brooks Brothers navy suit with white pinstripes, 3/2 sack jacket, plain-front cuffed trousers. My guess is 80's vintage, when BB was still BB and not just another logo. $14.99

photo courtesy of Joe Keohane

I had it dry cleaned, and the waist let out just a pinch($22, more than the cost of the suit!). Paired with a white cotton shirt with French cuffs ($17.99), blue and white silk Gingham check tie from 'The Country Store of Concord' ( $1.99), vintage Rayban Wayfarer II's ( a gift from the Mrs. a long time ago), a white silk cap from Dobbs New York ($15 on end of season clearance), a Scrimshaw tie bar and cuff link set, made of real whalebone, that I saved up forever to by in high school, a pink pocket square and some white wine, and Voila! the perfect outfit for an afternoon wedding in Summer.

p.s. check out the backdrop. A sculpture garden in the countryside. The scenery that day was truly spectacular.


Pitboss12 said...

Nice suit. What do you use to get rid of the vintage scent that some garments carry with them. I've read 1 part vodka 2 parts water but I've never tried it. What are you thoughts?

Giuseppe said...

Drink the vodka, for God's sake! Booze only belongs on your suit as the result of a legendary party.

Seriously, though, find a good dry cleaner, and if the clothes are particularly musty, you only have to mention it specifically when you drop them off. So far I haven't had a problem.