16 September 2008


Shoes can be a tricky subject for a lot of men. We all know that multiple pairs are needed for various outfits and occasions, but it can easily get out of control. A lot of guys I know who have lots of clothes will wind wearing the same shoes practically all the time. Which is no fun if you ask me. The above photo represents most of my shoe collection, after a recent clean-up and polish session. In this group I have the perfect shoe for almost any occasion in which I am likely to find myself.

From left to right, top to bottom:

White suede bucks with red rubber soles, unknown make, $1.99
Dark green suede Chukka boots, Clarkes, (actually made in England!), $7.99
Duck boots, cheap knockoff, $12.99
(these boots kind of stink. they leak a little, but I've been hinting to the Mrs. pretty heavily that a real pair of L.L. Beans would make a hell of a birthday gift..we'll see.)
Black leather plain-toe oxfords, make unknown, $4.99
Sperry topsiders, a gift from my parents on a recent vacation in Maine
Natural canvas Converse Chuck Taylor, $19.99
English brown split-toe Bostonians, $34.99
Florsheim "Beefroll" penny loafers, in a reddish color I call cordovan, $19.99
Brown Florsheim "Longwings" $19.99

Total $122.92

I left out the super heavy rockabilly engineer boots and the super nice Frye riding boots, because I never wear those but I just can't give them up...don't know why. And while I do in fact own a tuxedo, I can live without black formal shoes until the occasion ever presents itself.

As I was thinking over this new blog today, I wondered whether it wasn't a bit gauche to include the price of everything. Certainly it is. But I've decided to feature the prices proudly as an educational tool to those who simply do not believe that it is possible to really dress well for such little money. It's all about developing an eye for things.


Plaid Dad said...

Hey Geese,get some shoe trees and your shoes will last even longer.And prevent them from curling up jester style.Ciao.

Anonymous said...

Clarks are not Chukka's. Chukka's were originally shoes worn during polo by British officers serving in India (a chukka is some sort of polo-term, but I dont know what it stands for). They usually have three pairs of lace holes, and leather soles. Clark is a brand of desert boot, a shoe based on the chukka, but with only two pairs of lace holes, and with crepe soles. Officers of the British 8th army had them made in Egypt, during the desert campaigns of WWII. It hardly matters of course, but then again, it matters a lot.

Like your blog, best,