17 February 2009

Sale Alert!

I suspect some of you may have one of these L.L. Bean $10 gift cards laying around which expires today. Use it! Here's a free shipping code for you.

I looked around the site a bit last night and didn't find anything too exciting, and then I remembered: tote bags. Who can't use another tote bag around the house, especially when we're all trying not to use plastic at the supermarket. I picked up this little number:
When you live in Massachusetts, you can't have enough stuff with lobsters on it.

They've got a lot of good one's right now, including patch madras, green cloth embroidered with dogs, an expensive one made of patch tweed with leather handles, and a new "choose your own colors" tote. There are also some really great coats in the hunting apparel section, but I think I'll wait for those to go on sale in the summer.

Don't waste your gift card.


ms. mindless said...

as a marylander, i wanted the crab tote instead of the lobster. the lobster is pretty sweet too!

Pigtown*Design said...

patch tweed and leather! wowie!

i am in tote overload now because i keep picking them up at the grocers and ikea because they're so cheap.

Anonymous said...

As a Brit who loves coming across to Boston, I'm with you on getting as much stuff with a lobster design as possible - really reminds me of being there.

Plus you can never go wrong with a fairly neutral tote, there are very few options for guys who want to be a bit more environmentally friendly!

Unknown said...

I totally forgot to use my LL Bean coupon. :-(

I'm a new reader who lived in Boston for 6 years but now reside in Delaware. I came across your site by way of WASP 101. I don't know if that site is real or not but its pretty entertaining (esp. with the new Worthington character).

Anonymous said...

Ilike LL Bean lobster tote-sort of preppry ironic.

I am currently coveting the Superior Labor engineering bags. Have you seen these? They are AMAZING.