22 April 2009

Bits of Sunshine

With Spring not quite entirely here, dampness and cold still holding sway, I've been trying to add little scraps of yellow into the regular clothing rotation in an effort to remain weather appropriate while still hinting at (wishing for) brighter days.

Today it was a thin stripe in the tie, drawn out by some colorful argyles:A few days ago, it was this raw silk paisley tie from Brooks Brothers:The combination of dark shirt and light tie is not one I'm prone to try often, but in this case I like it. That shirts not really a tie shirt, but I do like to mix it up now and again. Note the fact that I'm wearing my Barbour in the above photos. As much as I love that coat, I wouldn't mind retiring it for the season...if only it would stop raining.

Last week, for a meeting, I chose a conservative combo of grey suit, blue shirt and tie with a black ground:

The little yellow anchors bring a speck of fun to this one, and the collar pin is a nice change of pace from my usual button down...dressy without being too pushy.

It's often been said that menswear is all about the little details. Use them to cheer yourself up on a rainy day.


Anonymous said...


Is the shirt with the tie-pin one of those collars that does button down, but the buttons don't go all the way through the shirt collar? Like, a hidden button down collar?


Anonymous said...


It's the collar pin that makes the collar sit like that--in the same way that a tab collar does. No hidden buttons.

Am I right, Giuseppe?

Summer is a Verb said...

Omg, are those Blutcher moccasins??? Hahaa, God I miss those...

Giuseppe said...

You're right. It's just a straight collar with a pin on it.

Pigtown*Design said...

I've been wearing my full-length waxed cotton coat for the past week. it's the only thing that keeps me dry in this wet weather, but it weighs a TON!

Max said...


You are my hero. That's all I'm gonna say.


Young Fogey said...

If it were a hidden button-down shirt, the buttons would be exposed by the pin pulling the collar back.

I loved my hidden button-down shirts; too bad I "outgrew" them (a few years ago, my neck went from 14.5 to 15).

Very sharp outfit, BTW.

Anonymous said...

love the collar pin, i just did a post on them last week. i'm def. looking forward to implementing them into my wardrobe this season.