07 April 2009

Cheap Commodities, part 2

Argyle socks from (gasp!) Target.

It's true that every time I set foot in Target I loose a little piece of my soul that I will nevr get back. But with two kids in diapers, you gotta do what you gotta do. And these argyle socks for $2.50 a pair are something I can live with.

Plus, ever since they started carrying Ritter Sport dark chocolate with marzipan, the trip always seems a little worth while, because I get a sweet treat for after dinner. When Mrs. G wants to go there and I'm whining like a twelve year old about how much I hate the place, I've been known to end it with "Fine, but only if I get a Ritter Sport". I'm a sucker for the German marzipan. The butter biscuit and hazlenut varieties ain't bad either.

In other news: Boston Red Sox beat (damn) Tampa Bay Rays 5-3 in the season opener at Fenway Park. In a post game interview on the local news, David Ortiz was wearing a killer patch tweed cap. I couldn't find a photo, but it was pretty cool. A big giant Red Sox home run machine, all around nice guy, and for a dude who's really into "bling", he pulls some pretty stylish moves from time to time. What's not to like about the guy?


Andrew M. said...

Mmm...that chocolate sounds good. I'll have to look for it.

Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of Target, but if you are careful you can find some very good expendable items. I wanted a pair of Clarks Desert Boots, but was not sure if I would like to wear that particular style.

So I picked up these cheap knockoffs form Targets and they are quite nice. Merona Chuka Boots.

Keep an open mind.

Young Fogey said...

Once upon a time, the pattern on Argyle socks always went down to the instep. Now, we normally see the argyles only on the leg (having no choice, I have purchased a skazillion such socks myself).

What happened to that missing argyle? My guess is that it's cheaper to leave it off. I, for one, miss it.

foolio_iglesias said...

Oh well,as long as they are at least 80% cashmere,10% linen,7% sea island cotton and 3%lyra,there's nothing to regret.Wait,they are 80% cashmere,10% linen,7% sea island cotton and 3%lyra,right?Doh..

Giuseppe said...

Young Fogey,

Those old argyles with the extra diamond on the instep worked so much better with penny loafers, their natural couterpart. I'll settle for this version, but the extra argyle was definitely superior.

Anonymous said...

"So I picked up these cheap knockoffs form Targets and they are quite nice. Merona Chuka Boots."

Anonymous, if you're still out there, what's the footbed like on those? My Target doesn't have them, and I don't want to order them if they're badly short on padding.

C said...

I actually like Target. I probably have five or six pairs of those argyle socks.


Young Fogey said...

Target: you get what you pay for, which is cheap Chinese-made ¢®@p. Even so, I shop there too--but prefer Ross and Marshall's for clothes, where I also find cheap Chinese-made ¢®@p--another argument in favor of thrifting. (Though in all fairness, some of the cheap ¢®@p is made elsewhere, like Mexico, Colombia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and other third-world countries.)

On the other hand, all the suits and sports coats I've gotten at Nordstrom were made in the USA. Now, to be able to afford Nordstrom prices again. Perhaps when the children are grown....