24 April 2009

Casual Friday (Blazer with Sneakers)

With the sun shining bright and warm (finally), and nothing to do but visit Castle Island with the wife and kids, I decided on a thoroughly Boston yacht club vibe. Here is my attempt to trot out a few of the Summer wardrobe items a bit early but without a flagrant disregard for the rules:

When I'm wearing a jacket without a tie, I like to make up for the loss of silk by adding other subtle details to compensate for the flare and color a tie provides. I find a "ringer"collar on a tee shirt, under a dress shirt and with a pocket square does the trick nicely:

And a ribbon belt can be a nice subtle dash of color too:As for footwear, the only choice for a day by the sea is cotton sneakers. I know some of you might think that sneakers and a blazer are a no-no, the exclusive province of hipsters and old farts. But as far as I'm concerned, they're the only choice for this outfit. (Well, okay, boat shoes and sockless would work too, but I've been waiting to wear these sneakers since I got the last week.)Now all I need is the yacht.
p.s. Further evidence of the validity of the sneaker and blazer combo. Channel your inner Number Six.


GK said...

Perfect look for the Spring. This is a look that catalogues try to get; but with all new clothes. Your khakis have the perfect worn-in look to really bring it all together. Mighty "yar".
Enjoy the fine weather you're having.

Armilyn and David said...

Awesome Prisoner reference. Can't wait for the new one to come out and see if it is as addictingly baffling as the original series was.


Andrew M. said...

Great look my friend. I think the key is to keep the sneakers simple and classic, which is exactly what you have done. Have you ever tried an ascot/neckerchief to fill the void in the open shirt? I think it would work well with this outfit.

Anonymous said...

Nice Thurston Howell III costume, dude.


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