26 April 2009

Il Campione di Caffè Freddo

Here at Affordable Wardrobe, I like to prattle on about the ways in which a man can manage to indulge his silly taste for luxury while being a broke S.O.B. This not only applies to clothing, but also to the gastronomic delights. To that end, I present my recipe for the world's greatest fresh iced coffee. Coffee, from the weak swill at the local greasy spoon to the overcooked pseudo-gourmet junk at Starbuck's should always be fresh. Most iced coffee is more expensive than hot coffee, and it's usually been sitting in the fridge since yesterday...and I guarantee that none of it tastes as good as this.

Start with fine ground espresso. My personal favorite for iced coffee is Lavazza Crema e Gusto. I find it's smooth and somewhat thick texture holds well against the inevitable watering-down that the melting ice causes, but any brand (preferably Italian) will do.Brew a whole pot of it, on the stove top in a Bialetti 4 cup moka pot.Pour the whole pot into a cocktail shaker,with two cubes of sugar...stir to melt the sugar, and let sit with the lid off for a few minutes to allow the coffee to cool. It's important to use sugar cubes. Why? Because this is my overcomplicated recipe and I said so.

When the coffee has started to cool, add a good pour of cold milk, stir and then add plenty off ice.Cover and shake until the shaker feels cold. Then strain into a glass with fresh ice. Add straw, and enjoy with a pasta fritatta or some soft boiled eggs and toast, preferably in the back yard on a warm sunny morning.Complicated? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. If you don't have twenty minutes in the morning to prepare such a concoction, I suggest you set the alarm clock a little earlier. I promise, you'll thank me.

In closing, I beg you to watch this Lavazza commercial. I don't know all of what they're saying, but it's easy to get the gist of it. I gather the fat guy in the Cadillac represents the average American savage. Funny stuff, even if you don't speak Italian.


initials CG said...

The joke is in the roman dialect.

"Look JR- Dallas, you guys went to the moon, but leave the coffee to us... when you you drink Lavazza you say 'A quant'e' bono!' ..your stuff, you say, 'A qua..., A qua...'

his partner "Acqua, e basta"
(just water)

Drinking this stuff at this very moment. It is my favorite. Looking forward to the heat, so I can start making those iced coffees!

It's funny, but the French who are so culturally anti-american have adopted every single fast food chain to come out of the US. Starbucks, for christ's sake! The Italians, who will copy anything, poke fun at America in an admiring way. Technology, opportunity, reality tv, all great...food, dress, culture, ahh...no. The only place where McDonald's actually goes out of business because of stiff competition from the next door bakery!

pasquale said...

"Ciao Pedro;" that's classic.

I prefer two shots of machine espresso over a few ice cubes end of story. Looks like brown coffee.

I went through a period when I enjoyed a drink called the "Classy Irishman" which was a shot of Baileys over ice with two shots of espresso.

Anonymous said...

a thought about ice melting down your iced coffee...

coffee ice cubes! just make a tray especially for your iced coffee days, and you're set!

Pigtown*Design said...

I love my little Bialetti, but it's a tiny one... I will have to try your recipe. Right now I am drinking DD iced coffee.

Anonymous said...

Che delizioso caffè!

Young Fogey said...

I bought an Italian-made espresso machine (yes, with a milk-frothing attachment) waaay back in 1990 for the princely sum of $90 (on sale, of course). I have taken that thing with me to grad school and across the Pacific--twice. I still have it, and it still works fine. (The power light no longer lights up, but so what?)

Amortized, that machine cost me less than $5/year at this point, and it shows no sign of giving up. Yes, stovetop espresso machines are cheaper, but they can't steam milk--and being able to steam milk opens up a world of possibilities: cafe latte; cappucino; cafe au lait; steamers; hot chocolate; even steamed scrambled eggs (surprisingly good).

The moral of the story is: buy quality, but buy it on sale.

Anonymous said...

"I like to prattle on about the ways in which a man can manage to indulge his silly taste for luxury while being a broke S.O.B."

A taste for luxury is anything but silly--it's a great morale-booster, as you so often show us on your blog.

Jean Martha said...

I brought back several bricks of Lavazza on my recent trip to Italy. Made many friends oh-so-happy.


I live in Milan and you just showed the best way to drink coffee much better than Italian bars which generrally have go.fers who can't make it.

CJ Matulewicz said...

Your iced coffee... awesome. I made some before my wife woke up this morning and it turned out perfect. Although I think it took far less that 20 minutes. Thanks.


Italy has plenty of Macdonalds what they don't have is Starbucks. By the way Starbucks really sucks big time.
America has copied more Italian stuff than Vice Versa.Think of the over cooked pasta you think you can cook,Pizza, Baloney, Prosciutto.But to be honest if you want to eat seriously the UK is the place .Check out Ramsey
By the way check out my clothes blog THE WORLD.

Giuseppe said...


I grew up in a house with people who barely spoke English. My grandmother made us past BY HAND, FROM SCRATCH, all the time. She also cured her own sausages. I'm also well aware that prosciutto is only prosciuttto if it's imported. And I think I know how to cook pasta.

And to be honest, if you want to eat seriously, at home with the family is the place, no matter where you live.