06 May 2009

The Fashion Consultant

I read somehwere once that it's good to let kids choose things. It gives them a sense of independence. Sounds good to me. So in the morning when I get dressed, I like to get my son involved in picking out my clothes sometimes.

I'll put together an outfit and find two ties that match, then let him choose one for me. He gets so excited. It's a fun little thing to do before rushing out of the house for work. Plus, it gets my son used to the idea that grown men dress differently than toddlers, and that it can be fun to pick out nice looking clothes.

In all these menswear blogs I read, people bemoan the fact that a whole generation of men is running around with no idea how to dress like grown-ups. Maybe by doing things like this, we can help a new generation of men to outgrow the "eternal teenager syndrome".

p.s. he chose the new red tie with whale weathervanes on it, by Brooks Brothers. He has a knack for knowing which one I really want to wear on a given day.


brandon sargent said...

your son is so fortunate to have as caring a father as you. i think letting him help choose your outfit is a great idea. Love the new tie.


Erika said...

Cute kid. My dad did this with me as well, however, I am a woman. I think we started early on and I still picked them out when I was in high school, but by that time I'd pick out the shirt and tie. It is a really nice memmory to have as an adult.

Anonymous said...

I'm digging Junior's alligator footwear!

He's too cute!

Old School said...

This young chap is definitely on the right track. You're right in trusting his good taste.

The Cordial Churchman said...

That's really cool, Giuseppe. I quite often do the same thing with my 3-year-old boy, and he gets a big kick out of it, too.

I've also picked up some really great threads at the thrift, too. Most recently, a fantastic belt with sailboats that I wish was about 3X as long.

JKeohane said...

He should have chosen to make you wear those crocodile slippers to work.

Young Fogey said...

Great idea! When my boy is old enough, I'll enlist his help, too.