28 May 2009

Keep It Simple (reprise)

Recently I extolled the virtues of the perfect simplicity of a white oxford and blue jeans, one of the most classic and inherently American combinations in existence. Our boy Conor even picked up the thread. Here's another variation, built mostly around my recently acquired (fake Baracuta) Harrington jacket:

I know it may be a little silly, but I really dig the striping on the collar of this jacket. It may not be totally classic, but it does add a bit of flair that sets it apart, without being over the top. While I'm not usually a fan of the popped collar, I feel that this jacket practically requires it. Little things like that work best when used sparingly.As is usually the case in menswear, the smallest details can play a crucial role. This outfit is all casual, no doubt about it, but adding a narrow, dressy Coach belt can be a nice touch that elevates and polishes things just enough, and because it as dreary and drizzly and even a little chilly, Sebago camp mocs are the perfect shoe. Boat shoes would work on a sunny day, or even penny loafers and light socks, with a rolled cuff on the jeans.
I'll say it again: when in doubt keep it simple.

p.s. I'm a bit at a loss as to what other pants to wear with this jacket. It seems so made for jeans, that anything else is weak in comparison. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

HI. New viewer, here.

Yes, nice combo. Sadly, the tuck is non-existant and the gig-line way off.

DAM said...

Quintessentially American. Dig It.

Jim said...

Love this one, G.

I can't think of anything but Jeans to use for it, though.

Young Fogey said...

You have to turn up the collar on this kind of jacket! To do otherwise makes you look like Snively J. Nerdmeister, geek-at-large.

You could wear the jacket with chinos in a color other than khaki; olive might work nicely with this jacket, as would navy, or maybe even the right shade of gray.

What hat(s) would you wear with this outfit?

C said...

Thanks for the shout out G.

Nice look. I'm with you and I think jeans are the best way to go for this.

Giuseppe said...

Young Fogey,

I actually wore this with a khaki driving cap, in a material similar to the jacket. See the post labelled "an unlikely pair".

Anonymous said...

I would never wear brown shoes with a black belt...they must be the same color for me

Giuseppe said...


the belt is brown, it just looks dark in the photo.