29 October 2010

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes it doesn't take much.
Roasted chicken with butternut squash, potatoes and red onion.
A cheap but delicious white Burgundy (Talmard clocks in at $12.99 in Massachusetts)
Jazz on the radio. God bless WGBH. The music I love, without having to choose and change records. Today is Clifford Brown's birthday, so the pickins are especially good.

Stove top espresso and a slice of the pumpkin pound cake I picked up for $0.99 at the supermarket the other day. Perfect.

The boy was upstairs with his grandparents. The girl was a asleep. Mrs. G. was working late. Don't get me wrong, I live for my family. But this was the first time in years I sat to eat without interruption. Simple pleasures.

Clifford Brown died in 1956, leaving next to nothing in the way of live footage. Instead, enjoy this:

Of note: Bobby Timmons plays piano sitting on a chair; Benny Golson's glasses; matching 3/2 peaked lapel suits with one button sleeve cuffs that might as well have been designed by ADG. This is a clothing blog, remember?


James said...

Ah,life is good.

TRVS said...

Missing: napkin.

Anonymous said...

@TRVS--napkin is probably already on the lap or tucked into the collar.

Giuseppe said...

The napkins not missing. Paper towels just don't look so swell in photographs, so I left it out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know exactly why, but reading this post made me sincerely happy. A big thank you for your wonderful blog from a loyal follower on the other side of the pond.

pasquale said...

Check out Dinah Washington doing that song. A-Mazing and touching as they played together often.

New York Is For Haters said...

Will have to look up some of Clifford Brown's music. Love Art Blakey though. 'When Love is New' from 'Indestructible' and 'Yama' from 'A Night in Tunisia' are both great.

maven said...

That video was both melancholy and spiffy at the same time - beautiful!

I've been a bit obsessed with your blog since I found it last Friday and am reading it from start to finish. I will try to remember it (reading AAW) as what I did during the weekend of hurricane Irene.

I think that I'll go downstairs now and roast a chicken.