10 November 2011

Another Go 'Round

These "online custom" companies sure do seem to want my opinion on the matter these days. Recently, Tailor4Less offered me a trial shirt. I ordered it last night.
In a cotton plaid they call "Texas". In perfect keeping with my rube tendancies in the world of "custom" shirts, I ordered this otherwise innocuous plaid with a high spread collar and Fench cuffs. With a simple tie, silk knot cuff links, light grey flannels and a blue blazer, this could be my Christmas party go-to. That is, if it comes off well.

I've had both good and bad experiences with online tailoring. Let's see how these guys stack up. They promise delivery in two weeks, so results should be in soon.


Peter said...

Glad you brought up online tailors again because I was wondering if the issues that you had with your suit from Modern Tailor were ever resolved?

I had a look around the tailor4less site and it looks like the run of the mill Eastern European hot glue gun and shoddy labor kind of place. I pretended to make a shirt and after everything was added up, I realized that I could go to my tailor, pick out a much better fabric, get measured in person and have what I know will be a quality shirt for just a tad more than what these guys are charging. Hell, I'd rather just go to BB and buy 3 for $200.

Please keep us posted on how this turns out. Did you happen to go with the quick measurement or did you go to your tailor and have him measure you so you could input all the numbers yourself?

Young Fogey said...

But how will it play in Peoria?

Seriously, if anyone could pull this off, it would be you.


Butcept maybe your shirt isn't fuzzy enough for him. For him, the plaid would have to be rotated 45 degrees. Then he would wear it.

With his new blue shoes.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I got the same offer as well.

LLP said...

Yes, perfect for the war on Christmas fashion parade.

Amatourist said...

curious about the name, "Texas". sometimes I think these guys are just throwing darts at a board.

Giuseppe said...


why it's not at least called "Glasgow" is beyond me.

Amatourist said...

that would certainly seem more appropriate, wouldn't it?

Philip said...

It's actually the Royal Stewart tartan if I'm not very much mistaken.

Young Fogey said...

It looks like a variant based on Royal Stewart, but I don't think it is actually Royal Stewart.

Interestingly enough, Texas, amongst many other US states, has an official tartan, though what's pictured here isn't it.