03 August 2012

The Jams: A Tux and a Tank Top

A tux...
and a  tank top.

I like to rail on about the sorry state of decorum and comportment these days. And one of my favorite soap box speeches is the one about proper dress being an outward expression of one's respect for the situatuion at hand and the other people involved. And I stick by all that.

There are those that will say that dress is meaningless, it's what you do that counts. True. The trick is to do whatever that is so well that no one pays attention to your clothes. Buddy Rich can do more in a tux than most guys. John Henry Bonham can wear what the hell he wants. Can you?

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christopher said...

Good call about about juxtapositioning those two videos.... I saw the Buddy Rich solo a long time ago and thought.. "Dude, that's Bonham!"

Jho78 said...


mistermidwester said...

This is my favorite Buddy Rich drum video (Buddy Rich vs Animal).

Speaking of well-dressed drummers who could kill it, how about a little Hard Bop?

Anonymous said...

“The trick is to do whatever that is so well that no one pays attention to your clothes.”
Well yes. And no. While I presume the point of rock and roll was to do whatever one wanted and present oneself however one wished, Led Zep were fashion disasters. Bonzo’s loss is truly sad, for his deft footwork set the Zep apart from every other band of that era. Listen to as simple a tune as Rock and Roll where Bonzo nods affectionately toward the drum work Charlie Connor and Earl Palmer. Sublime!
And like his work or loathe it, at least Antony Price brought some style to the rock world. It is hard to separate his wardrobe styling from the sound of a Bryan Ferry record, again for good or ill depending on your taste. I remain convinced that much of today’s bearded hipster pose is some elaborate joke played on an unsuspecting public by a bonged up Allman Brothers fan.
Now look to today’s wonderful NASA triumph and then cringe as you see the brightest scientific minds in the world act like a high school pep club while attired in costumes befitting a Best Buy sales associate. Sad. Somebody buy these good people some navy blazers and OCBD’s.