12 September 2012

Good Morning

photo : internet
Getting married in 1939? Have an audience with the Queen? Maybe you're invited to Royal Ascot next year? Wear a trim 38 regular? Then I have a suit for you.

Recently, I was in New Hampshire sorting through the collection of a serious vintage clothing collector. I cam away with a number of really great items, but the best thing among them was unquestionably this full morning dress suit, made in 1937. For all the great items I find through these channels for myself or my shop, it's these rare vintage formal pieces that are far and away the most fun to come across.
The suit is complete, and in excellent shape for its age. Here we have the cutaway coat in soft charcoal grey flannel, with beautifully cut peak lapels and close fitting, darted body construction, and flat front wool trousers in black and grey stripes.
The back features the curved seams at the shoulders indicative of quality in such a garment...
Hooked center vent and closed pleat running the length of each tail. Split body construction, the right way to do it.
The lining needs new stitches at the seams in a few spots, but there are no tears. Note the taped flannel sweat guards at the armpit.
Dated July 13 1937, consigned from the granddaughter of its original owner, recently dry cleaned.
Included is the original matching waistcoat, with six button closure and satin back...

as well as this additional waistcoat in dove grey doeskin, an excellent example of bygone tailoring, with peaked lapels and six button double breasted closure.
There is one tear on the back, along the seam. Easily repaired and worth doing on such a rare and special garment.
Vintage 1930s from Rogers Peet Company.

The trousers are made of a similar soft flannel in a grey and black stripe, the classic pattern for formal day trousers. Flat front with button fly, brace buttons and (oddly) belt loops. They are in excellent condition as well, though there are some very slight marks on the seat showing where they have been let out. The hems are plain, with a slight angle cut.

As I've done in the past with formal items as special and rare as these, I am offering these four pieces as a unit here rather than in my online shop. Remember, they have value as antiques as well as just clothing.

The coat will fit a man who wear a 38 regular, with a trim waist of about 32. The trousers measure 34 waist, though they have been let out, 32 being their original size. Inseam is 31 inches. Whether you've got an event coming up that might actually merit such an outfit, or you're just a serious collector of real antique menswear, please consider giving this suit a good home. Interested parties may contact me with offers at anaffordablewardrobe@yahoo.com. Bids will be accepted through the end of the week.

Update: this item has been moved to Ebay. Interested buyers may bid for it here.

p.s. plenty of other new items in the Shop this week. Stop by.


Young Fogey said...

Beautiful. I hope some lucky guy can give this extraordinary set of clothes a good home.

Incidentally, the technical term for the pattern of the pants is "cashmere stripe." No, the pants are not made of cashmere, but for some reason, that particular style, with repeating stripes in different widths and shades, has that name.

My vintage early 30s tuxedo pants also have a button fly, buttons for suspenders, and belt loops. Must have been a fad.

Anonymous said...

A really lovely set of clothes!

Jho78 said...

38, 32x31? My ears are burning... But I think I'll leave this to someone who would actually put it to good use.

Christopher Redgate said...

Good god, this thing sounds like it's exactly my size... Though the jacket might be a tad snug. I wear somewhere between a 38 and a 40 depending on how slim the cut is... I am a 32 in trousers though... I have no forseeable reason to wear something like this, but best to be prepared, right? I'll be keeping a close eye on what happens with it.

JKG said...

*slow whistle*

I may never, ever have a use for such a thing, but if you ever come across one in a 46L, I might have to sell a few things.

Anonymous said...

Until a few years ago, the ushers at my church were dressed in the full morning dress suit every Sunday morning from Labor Day through Memorial Day.

We had a rather formal, lovely, gracious style of service.

The demise of this dress was brought about mostly by the desire of some of the members to having females be ushers.

The beanies worn by the females in the choir disappeared at about the same time.

Bru said...

This is so, so, so close to my size, and I'm getting married in November, and yes it is a day wedding. How amazing would that be, to stroll in wearing it?

Alas, I believe I'm a hair too large - usually closer to a 40 than a 38, and a couple inches too tall.

I hope someone wonderful winds up with it.

Unknown said...

By thunder, how I wish I had that double-breasted waistcoat. I already have a morning coat and hickory-striped trousers, but I've been looking for an affordable waistcoat like that for some time. Great find, sir.