21 July 2014

The Prodigal Son

I've written before about the perseverance involved in successful thrift shopping. Often, suits will be separated into their constituent parts and priced individually, but a pro-level thrift shopper (cheapskate) knows how to find the orphaned components and attempt to reunite them with their missing family. Not long ago, I brought together a three piece suit, from three different racks. Many other times I managed to put coat and trousers back together. Once, I completed a suit by finding the two pieces more than a week apart from one another. But the suit above marks a new level of thrift serendipity, even for a seasoned and perhaps even jaded cheapskate such as your humble author.

Last weekend, a regular consigner brought in the jacket pictured above, with the caveat that he knows I don't want orphaned suit coats, but this one is from Brooks Brothers, and maybe this one could exist as an odd jacket. My initial reaction was to answer with a resounding "no", but then he showed me the coat. Almost immediately, something occurred to me. I went to the trousers in my shop, and brought out a pair in the matching cloth, also Brooks Brothers, and in a waist size and inseam consistent with the size of the coat. Thing is, I've had these trousers in my possession for nearly two years. A new one, even for me.

Divine intervention? A prodigal son returns.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes everything falls into place. I really need a suit, the suit selection at the stores in my small-ish town is not to my taste or budget, I have always wanted a Brooks Brothers suit, and the measurements are exactly right for me! Suit ordered--thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was watching a suit that was in the local thrift shop - I've avoided it because I considered the price too high - and today I see there is only the coat and the trousers appeared to have walked off! It's a fairly nice one too, made at a local bespoke (that's MTM actually, but they will pretend, firm.

Someone is going to have to reunite them again. Someone must go around doing this separating thing for fun.

Anonymous said...

The suit arrived today. I am smitten. Thank you (and your consignor)!

Unknown said...

I'm amazed this has happened to you more than once. I had a similar miracle last year. Just as I was about to give away a nice mid-blue flannel suit jacket and vest, I ran across the pants at Salvation Army--in a neighboring state!