28 July 2014

Thrifty Kids, part 5

Last night, we decided to dine out at our favorite local Italian ristorante. The food there is honest and good, the atmosphere comfortable and homey, not the least bit what you might call "fancy". But the kids think it is, and they both insist on dressing in kind. On this particular occasion, The Girl knocks it out of the park in a classic yet current glamour/preppy look perfect for a Summer evening.
A fitted ladies white oxford button down by Polo Ralph Lauren tones down nicely with a slap bracelet  featuring Rainbow Dash of My Little Pony fame.
A floral print skirt in bright colors on a dark ground adds just the right feminine preppy touch, dressing things up just so while staying comfortable.
Plastic Cinderella pumps from Target remind us that she is, in fact, a five year old girl. These cheap shoes cost more than the rest of the outfit combined.

Well dressed people learn young, as do cheapskates. Give your kids a healthy sense of occasion, but don't let them develop a habit of extravagance. That money is better spent on food and wine anyway.


Pigtown*Design said...

What a cutie pie!

Redcoat said...

Penultimate refuge of a scoundrel, 'Drobe; I believe you are better than this...

Joe said...


None of the scoundrels I know ever spoke well or lovingly of their children. I simply fail to understand your problem with this.

You believe I'm better than....what?

NCJack said...

If your children embrace the concept of dressing nicely to dine in public, then I daresay that you and Mrs. Wardrobe are doing something just right.