18 July 2014

The Real Thing

If the endless barrage of images from Pitti Uomo has you confused about why the world in general considers Italian men to be well dressed, check out "La Grande Bellezza". It's a beautiful, lavish movie that manages to be both melancholy and humorous at once. It shows you the "good life" and gets you  jealous of it while being more than happy that you are not living it. On a shallow level, the main character, Jep Gambardella, wears some of the most beautiful clothes I've ever seen. It's true Italian style, and it has nothing to do with short, tight pants, unbuckled monk straps, or ties knotted with the rear blade too long.


Cyclo2000 said...

I quite like the short, tight pants and often wear my double monks with the top strap undone but I can't get behind this new trope of tie badly done up with rear blade pulled to the front and absurdly long. What gives?

Joe said...


Been a while. Nice to have you back.