07 February 2009

The Basics

While it's true I often promote a relatively small wardrobe stocked with only choice pieces, a well dressed man can't have enough white and blue dress shirts.

$6.98 for the two of them.


Anonymous said...

In fact, a man could do quite well with a wardrobe stocked entirely with white and blue shirts.

Percy Chatsworth said...

Hmmm, are my eyes deceiving me, or did you make a subtle change to the header by adding that blue gingham tie?

At last, after many years of trying, I found myself a great three piece suit at a thrift store. Grey flannel with a subtle pinstripe, perfect fit on the shoulders, sleeves, waist of the jacket - I'm a tiny guy and I never thought it would be possible! I would like to add that your shopping posts increased my drive to find a great thrifted piece.

Giuseppe said...

Thanks, Percy!

Just remember, tenacity is everything in the world of thrift shopping.

For instance: today the thrift store was jammed to the gills with incredible suits, all for a guy 4 inches taller and 30 lbs heavier than me...oh well. Still, I got a couple of shirts.

And don't forget about the tailor. The most important thing I learned working in menswear years ago is that if te shoulder fits, the rest can be altered.

Percy Chatsworth said...

I already know about the 'if the shoulder fits, everything else can be adjusted rule', but finding a shoulder that fits is always the difficult part for me, which is why I become very excited when I do find a shoulder that fits!

Pitboss12 said...

After a dry spell, I found another suit yesterday. It's grey wool with pinstripes. In my wanderings the hardest thing to find is a decent navy suit with flat front pants. Every one that I encounter is either the wrongsize or has been through a warzone with the battlescars to prove it. I hope persistence will pay off in the end.

Plaid Dad said...

Amen,brother.I just ran through the used clothing racks at Hoodwill like Bush ran through the U.S. budget surplus and scooped up 3 button downs of the Nautica and Brooks brethren variety.