03 February 2009

Bits and Pieces

In assembling the Affordable Wardrobe, one sometimes finds it necessary to make a trip to (gasp!) Target, or even the dreaded mall. Such was the case today. I had to pick up a few bits and pieces to finish off my professional look for the job interview this afternoon.

White handkerchiefs from Target, $4.99/ six pack

Black leather gloves from Kohl's, $12.50 on sale.

One thing I couldn't find anywhere were rubber overshoes. I went to seven stores with no luck at all. As luck would have it, it's raw, windy and snowing today...perfect weather for wearing ones finest clothes. I guess I'll just have to wear my dress shoes and step carefully, because I'm certainly not wearing Bean boots with a blue suit and a Chesterfield coat. Last chance is the shoe repair place, which is kind of on the way to the subway, or else I'll stuff some paper towels in my pocket and do my best to wipe up before I walk inside.


SCO said...

I picked up a pair of galoshes at Nordstrom recently. ~$19. Don't know if there's a Nordstom near you, but I figured I throw that out there.

lisagh said...

Best of luck for the interview!

borf said...

Men's Wearhouse carries rubber overshoes for about $15. I bought a pair, and they are pretty nice.

Cyclo2000 said...

These'd be they...but I do believe that these chaps charge like the proverbial wounded buffalo.