02 February 2009

The Rumpled Architect

The weather here in Boston was unseasonably warm. Perfect weather for a Macintosh style Burberry raincoat and some tweed:

I call this look the "Rumpled Architect". Note the big tote bag and tube of rolled drawings. The only thing missing is a tweed bucket hat.

(This look is known alternatively as the "Rumpled Professor" , the "Slightly Disheveled Writer" or the "Newspaper Man on Assignment".)

In such an outfit, I could easily convince any client to allow me twice as much money as their budget allows to carry out my designs of vain hubris...or maybe all the pictures of John Updike (r.i.p.) that have been floating around the internet are just rubbing off on me.

p.s. today at school someone asked me "What are you all dressed up or? Work? Job Interview?" I said " I'm not 'all dressed up.' If I was, I'd be wearing a suit.


Percy Chatsworth said...


In the past, my sisters would always ask me why I was all dressed up. A response such as, "Real men wear ties" would make them laugh (Their husbands are usually in jeans and a shlumpy sweater or t-shirt). My sisters are now well-accustomed to my 'proper day attire' and cease to ask such redundant questions!

I'm happy that my fellow students don't ask the same.

Cyclo2000 said...

I was out for a drink at the weekend, wearing as almost always a shirt and tie, this time under a rugby, with a blazer and heavy chinos. A (quite well dressed) lady asked me very pointedly "What are you wearing that for?" I replied "because I like it and it looks nice" but she continued to give me the sideways look for the rest of the afternoon - as though she'd caught me touching myself or something.

Guiseppe, I'm gonna send you my sizes over mate, see what you can get me for a few quid. You could have the bones of an export business there you know!

Charles said...

Looks good. I've been getting a lot of wear out of the trench myself. It's a relief after wearing a heavy coat for a while.

Kim said...

We're tote bag twins.

Michael B. said...

Always inapropriate- and often rude- question:

"What are you all dressed up for?"

Only appropriate-- and never rude-- answer:

"Because I can."

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that it's not only university students but university teachersas as well who get asked the same question ("What are you all dressed up for". And this by their colleagues!

Anonymous said...

I have to get over to Target for those hankies, now that we are in a season of flowing boogers.

Check this out though:

heavy tweed jacket said...

Looks great. Robert Venturi should be concerned.

Giuseppe said...


Robert Venturi should give me a job.

dandy nihilism said...

I get asked the same thing constantly: "Why are you so dressed up?" Which isn't terribly offensive except when the comment is more along the lines of "Why are you dressed like Harry Potter/my grandfather/a professor?"

ps. I thrifted a blazer remarkably similar, even in fit, to yours. Harris, I assume?

Johnny said...

Everything you're wearing here is beautiful, but I especially LOVE that tie! Please let me know if you ever get tired of it and want to sell it! (This is no small request from me, considering that I own 300+ ties, most of them thrifted, and the last thing I "need" is another one.)