04 July 2010

Happy Independence Day

The barbecuer, wearing "the Barbecuer". Narragansett tall boys, $5.69/ 6 pack.
Khaki shorts, bare feet in the kiddie pool...best footwear there is.

Plenty of hot dogs, and assorted sodium filled delights.
Here's hoping you all had a good one.


Some Assembly Required said...

'Gansett is my "everyday" beer. Both grandfathers and a great uncle drank it faithfully, and I'm happy to continue the tradition.

lisagh said...

I think I said this last year, but that shirt is the bees knees!

michael said...

Damn those franks look good! Top loaders and everything.

I think narragansett might have been the first beer I ever had a sip of, the first I can remember anyway. It is the benchmark in my mind of what "beer" is supposed to taste like.

Main Line Sportsman said...

That shirtis fantastic...and I am a huge fan of the top-spilt hot dog roll. Unfortunately such rolls are hard to find in the Delaware Valley.

ADG said...

It was only one hundred here today.

tintin said...

This shirt soars above that Russkie number.

Giuseppe said...

Tin Tin,

This shirt soars above 90% of whats in my closet


98 round these parts. I've been wearing swim trunks all day long.

tintin said...

I'm sitting in a hot tub with a big glass of Castello di Ama chianti. Later, gonna have a big bowl of chilli.

This ain't heat. 100 degrees with a thermal inversion while the paper mill in Palatka works overtime and your're standing on the gun deck of the Castillo de San Marcos in a eight pound wool coat and dressed up like a Spanish soldier from the 18th Century...That's heat.

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

It's your best shirt & I love "Gansett" in this weather, funny, I think you get a better deal in Beantown on it than it sells for in RI.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, What shoes did you pair with this fine outfit? Before getting in the "pool"?

Giuseppe said...


A crummy old pair of blucher mocs, without laces.

Red Velvet,

That's because 'Gansett doesn't really come from RI anymore, which is a shame.

Tin Tin,

I'm with you. Hearing people complain about the weather is a pet peeve of mine. Here in Boston, it's something of a sport, which can be annoying. Despite the bright red burn on my shoulders and back, you won't hear it from me.

Young Fogey said...


Did you ever get (or try to get) the stain out of this fabulous BBQ shirt?