12 July 2014

Preppy with a Twist

...or something. The kids and I dressed for a "cook out" at a friends house. Being able to wear a bow tie with shorts is a positive side effect of the "neo-prep" revival. I'll take it.


A Southern Preppy said...

I like a bow tie with shorts, but it is still a difficult look to pull off without looking foolish. I think you did it well. Great photo with your children!

Anonymous said...

Second last refuge of a scoundrel, being photographed with your children.

NCJack said...

Hey, it's not a look you can pull off daily, but for "every so often" it's killer. Great "daddy" shot, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling it a "cook-out" and not a barbeque.

Joe said...

Anon. 11:45,

I'll be sure to tell that to my wife any time we do anything as a family.

Anon. 3:08,

Big difference between a "cookout" and a barbecue. I'm guessing you're from the South


I think twice per Summer is probably acceptable, and only for parties

Timothy L said...

It blows my mind that a guy in a bowtie, with a beautiful little girl, dressed like a little lady, and a lad dressed like a preppy Travis Bickle can get anything other than thumbs up all round.

I love that you've infected your kids with the joy of dressing for the sheer hell of it.

Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

The bow tie goes great with the Mohawk.

aratnam said...

Bow ties are way too republican for me to wear.

Joe said...


Around here, bow ties tend to be favored by the rumpled bleeding heart liberal set, but then again, I do live in Massachusetts.