06 January 2009

Simon's Copley Square, part 2

White Oxford
Blue Oxford
Pink Oxford
Ecru Oxford
Blue University Stripe Oxford

Each available in either button down or point collar, except the university stripe, which was available only with a button down collar.

Pleated front formal shirts with either point collar or wing collar.

100% cotton, made in U.S.A.

Such was the extent of the dress shirt options available at Simon's Copley Square. But really, what else dose a man need anyway?


Anonymous said...

One could easily do without the pink and ecru, in fact.

The blue, white, and blue university stripe oxford were all I needed in the 1960s, and all that I need now.

By the way: My compliments for trying to educate Richard about the difference between a plaid (a generic term) and a tartan (a plaid associated with a particular clan or region in Scotland).

Anonymous said...

Pretty close to what LL Bean offers today, with a few collars added.

If only LLB would follow Lands' End's lead and copy the Brooks Brothers collar, rather than sticking to their too short, too spread BD collar.

They have, however, managed to perfect a finish on their Oxford cloth fabric that is as good as one would get with a traditional BB or Lands' End Hyde Park Oxford cloth only after heavy starching at a laundry!

Charles said...

No pinpoint? No broadcloth?

Giuseppe said...

Anon 1,

People like to tash poor Richard, so I try to be more gentle, but he just doesn't listen.

Anon 2,

I like the Lands End Hyde Park Oxfords. I tend to think LLBean should stick to the more outdoorsy stuff.


I guues they were sort of a pinpoint oxford, not the super heavy stuff. In the seventies they may have had some polyester lapses in judgement, but who didn't.
Toward the end, as Simon's breathed its last desperate gasps, in an effort to modernize they brought on a lot of European style striped shirts with spread collars in all manner of slick fabrics. Mrs. Simon was appaled by this. But for years this was all there was.

Charles said...

Thinking more about this. 2 shirts I own but have a hard time wearing are the brooks red and white u stripe and the brooks yellow. Both wisely left off your list.

Anonymous said...

I actually look forward to the days I'm going to wear my BB OCBD
blue university stripe. That's about as daring as I can get.
Otherwise, like Anon 1, I stick to solid white or solid blue.

Anon 3

Anonymous said...

I thought that pinpoint oxford did not come about until the 1980s when TTX started making it in Japan. That could explain its absence.

Charles said...

I though Giuseppe was a younger man than that.

Giuseppe said...

I'm the youngest old man out there, longwing.

I was 16 when I got the job, in 1993. Do the math.