31 January 2009

A Beggar's Rags

Today I got to do one of my favorite things in the world: attend a job fair! Ain't nothing like begging for work!(Oops, I forgot you can't hear sarcasm via the Internet...). This meant it was a day for some serious, brass tacks, no bullsh*t business attire:
As it was pretty cold today, I wore my vintage Hart, Schaffner & Marx cashmere coat (of which every size 40 man on earth should be jealous), and a cap in Black Watch Tartan (not pictured).

Underneath, Brooks Brothers navy blue pinstripe suit, Brooks Brothers white oxford,Brooks Brothers merino wool scarf and a tie from Mr.Sid.

Down below, plain black oxford lace ups. (They're shinier than the picture shows.)

No accessories, no pocket square, nothing to distract....all business. The entire ensemble cost roughly $60.

As job fairs go, this wasn't a bad one. Sure, I spent most of my time waiting in line, but the people there were friendly and encouraging, and actually willing to chat with you rather than just take your resume and call out "Next!".

Also, I sense a resurgence in the popularity of hand rendered drawings coming on. The last couple of events I went to were all "computers or else." But today, many of the people I spoke to were impressed by my skills with pen and paper, and they all seemed really interested in the (theoretical) projects I presented in my portfolio. I was asked a lot of questions about my theories and ideas, and a few of them said how refreshing they found it to see hand drawn plans and perspectives.

But every conversation ended with "we're not hiring right now but...." (Of course).

If only I could invent a time machine that would drop me and my family in the house next door to Marcel Breuer in New Canaan, CT in 1965.....


Armilyn and David said...

Ah, the job fair. Those always felt like the adult equivalent of waiting to be picked for a basketball team during grade school P.E. Dread and excitement mixed together.

Hand-drawing skills are always valuable and will hopefully make you stand out when the HR reps are remembering who they talked to. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Great blog


C said...

I am indeed jealous of that coat.

I get some decent thrift finds here in SC, but nothing compared to some of you north-easterners.


Percy Chatsworth said...

Ahh, the lovely Hart Schaffner & Marx cashmere overcoat. I saw the exact same coat at a vintage store in Toronto. It was about a size 40 (Perhaps a 38), and didn't fit me. I too am jealous.

Thanks to your post on the coat, I was able to tell the store owners about the company!