12 May 2009

An Unlikely Pair

Showers threatened this morning. Not wanting to carry an umbrella, the Barbour found it's way out of the closet. However, not wanting to give up on Springtime, it met with rolled khakis...truly an unlikely pair:

I generally tend to think of my Barbour as a cold weather item, even though it's really not that heavy. Maybe it's because, in the absence of a hunting parka, I tend to wear it all winter paired with a down vest and sweater. The rolled chinos, especially in the pale color known as 'stone', and the sockless feet in loafers are pure Spring/Summer. But still...matched up with a repp tie, university striped oxford and surcingle belt with ducks on it, I'm pretty sure it worked.I guess this all brings up a good point about instinct.

Sartorial instinct is tough for men. Whether it's suits or shorts and t-shirts, men are generally coaxed into one uniform or another. There are rules, this goes with that, it's easy. But not much fun. Developing an instinct and learning to trust it is far more enjoyable.

This morning as I pondered what to wear, I immediately thought of the Barbour jacket, but having 'retired' it for the season, I tried repeatedly to talk myself out of it. When it came time to finally leave the house, of course I reached right for it, because I knew the moment I thought of it I would. I'd sooner have changed the rest of my clothes in favor of the jacket than vice versa.

Turns out it never did rain. We had a bright sunny day, 65 degrees. Fortunately, Barbour jackets also form a good unlikely pair with Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

p.s. Some of you have mentioned that you find a few of my recent posts to be a pinch self-indulgent, that I've veered of course down the slippery slope of vanity. True, this blog is supposed to be about cheap thrifty clothes. But I can't go out and accumulate 2 dollar shirts and 10 dollar suits every day. Sometimes, I have to just wear the stuff.

Besides, what's a blog anyway if not at least a little bit vain? I'm sure Jesus will grant me a pass on this one.


Anonymous said...

1. Style is about adopting a "both x and y" rather than an "either x or y" approach. You've got style.

2. For those of us who live in places where have no access whatsoever to thrift shops :-(
the clothes (and combos) you show us are more important than the thrifting itself. Therefore: No objection whatsoever to photos of you wearing the stuff.

Mateo said...

2 dollars for a shirt turns out to be mighty expensive if the shirt is never worn. Dudes just like to rib each other about whatever so no worries. Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog this way. You are showing very pragmatic style options. I am in NYC and I can not find the deals you do so the thrifting for me is of little use. I like how you combine the items.

Nice combo, but since you are not wear a blazer or suit jacket a Harrington jacket G9 would look good.

Toad said...

It's your blog my friend. Write what your wish. We'll follow.

Giuseppe said...


I've been looking for a Harrington. Since I don't have $265 for a new one, I'll have to wait until some old huys wife donates his to the local charity store.

Anonymous said...

Hanson's clothing sells the Harrington for 220.00,

J.crew is selling an original Harrington for 265.00 keep an eye out for sales.

If you want the US version a MAC Gregor Drizzler - you can pick one up for about $19.00

Good luck in your search. Both J.Press and Orvis have there own version also

EsseQuamVideri said...

I just discovered your blog, but I think your posts are fun. I like a little analysis with a presentation! I am sending you this comment purely on a first impression, but a good one!

C said...

G, I gotta agree with you re: blogs. It's the same with most kinds of writing. You only write because you assume someone wants to read it. This necessitates at least a little vanity to begin with. Post whatever you want. You have plenty of people who will read whatever you post (this guy included).

Nice look btw.

Anonymous said...

That distant "vanity" comment was, I suspect, just that. Take it with a grain of salt, file it, and continue with what you feel like writing about. It's your sand box.

I, and apparently others, enjoy your posts about what you're wearing, along with the hows and the whys.

Food for thought, indeed.

Keep it coming!

Young Fogey said...

Post what you want! You're one of my new favorites.


The no socks thing bruv is what Italians do only when its sweltering hot not on coldish American days.

ajvphilp said...

it's your blog so blog what you want to!

Giuseppe said...

No socks in leather shoes on a sweltering hot day is a sweaty and smelly affair.

On a day that's sunny and warm, it's the height of comfort.

By the way, I am Italian, clean bred. Not a drop of any other blood running through these veins.

Giuseppe said...


I think sockless with loafers was invented in New England, anyway...on a sunny 65 degree day, no doubt.

The Cordial Churchman said...

Blogs are, like you admit, vanity. Writing and reading. Posting pictures and looking at them. Narcissism, to be more precise. I'd say more than just a little bit. I don't know anything about free passes from Jesus. Like anything else, it all depends on how controlling it becomes. I've had to put some limits recently on how much time I allow myself to spend peering at my reflection in the pool, which includes posting on forums, reading blogs, and thrift shopping. A simple hobby can easily slide into an obsession. It's always astonishing to me how quickly my life can get all whacked out of balance, and the bottom line is that I like myself a lot. Okay, off to do something somewhat less narcissistic. :-)

Giuseppe said...

Well said Churchman. Being a stay at home dad, with very little adult contact throughout the day, things like this can hold me in an iron fist, if I'm not careful.

Anonymous said...

just bought a grey wool Bert Pulitzer blazer, with crest on the buttons, for 7$ at the salvation army....it is better quality than what I could have bought in say CPenney....I have another tweed blazer I bought from the salvation army...that is however the only item I would buy there...I know where to get cheap oxford shirts and dress pants brand new