13 December 2008


Apparently it still exists. Who knew?

Recently I asked if any of you knew where a fellow could acquire tan and brown saddle shoes with red rubber soles. I had been having a hard time locating a pair. That is until yesterday, when these beauties showed up at my door:

Dark green and tan Cole Haan saddles, with an unusual third color in the back piece. Slightly banged up( as they should be), a pefect fit, comfortable as anything, and bearing the magic words: made in U.S.A.

Sent to me free of charge, by our man in Missouri, Toad, whose foot is bigger than mine. What a guy!

Thanks, Toad. I really owe you one.


Charles said...

That Toad is no toad.

ms. mindless said...

neat! toad rocks!

Toad said...

Merci, I hope all your steps are light.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Wonderful gift. Toad is a generous gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Nice gesture by Toad. I really like the green on tan.

Zingiber said...

Love 'em with the two colors. Any idea how old they are? Cole Haan stopped making quality shoes, what, in the '80s?