11 December 2008

The Jams

If you haven't heard "Let's Spend the Night Together" by way of black vinyl, sharp needle and wooden speaker lately, I feel sorry for you.

And talk about great graphic design! This album cover manages to be sophisticated and hippie at the same time.
And for all you preppy, button down and striped tie types out there who think that a devoted fanship of the Stones is the province of hippies, burnouts and meatheads, please let me remind that these guys used to be the most bad ass button down collar kids in town:

This picture should be titled "Sack Suits and Switchblades", or something like that.


Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I aspire to dress. Early stones.

Jean Martha said...

My Fiance is a Stones fanatic of epic proportions. With his rambling band of crazy friends he's seen them...I'm guessing...about 100 times. I've been to about 12 shows. Never disappoints!

He had about 60 tour shirts and decided to part with 14 of them a few weeks ago. He doesn't know it, but the 14 he "got rid of" are being made into a quilt for him. I know, tacky...but he'll love it.