01 December 2008

Perfect Timing

I have this old pair of fake Bean Boots. They kind of stink. Sure they look o.k., but if I step in a puddle more than 1/4 inch deep my feet are sure to be soaked, rendering the half rubber boot totally pointless.

So I've been quietly pestering the Mrs. to buy me a real pair for m birthday, which is soon. Then today, just in time for the impending nasty weather season, these come my way at the good old thrift, in my size for $12.99:
the real thing: L.L. Bean 'Original Maine Hunting Shoes'

The funny thing is that only this morning I was browsing the L.L. Bean website trying to talk myself into buying a new pair. I must have been riding high off my recent brand new purchase of the Cranberry red cords. I'm glad I didn't. Thrifting can make a man do some pretty crummy things, though. I actually called my wife from the store to ask whether she had ordered them for me for my birthday, which she hadn't.

And speaking of the red cords, today another package arrived from Lands End containing the very same pants. Seems this second pair were the replacements, and the first pair, which I was wearing when I opened the second pair, were the missing original order. Of all the things to have two of, I wind up with these. Sheesh!

As for my birthday present, seems I'll be making the choice this year, which means that really the present is the fact that I can have something 'new'. A daunting decision, indeed. Current options include Blucher mocs, a shawl collared cardigan, or some new shirts. But these are the choices of a fuddy-duddy, so maybe I should wait until I think of something outrageous.


Pitboss12 said...

You're one lucky guy. Sweet boots.

Toad said...

My vote is for the shawl collared cardigan,

ms. mindless said...

i just started reading your blog (1 came over from toad's blog). and i think that you should definitely go for something outrageous. surely, you have plenty of shirts and i am willing to bet that you already own at least one shawl collared cardigan. buy the boring stuff for yourself!

Unknown said...

It sounds like you and I were going through the same thing but in different countries.
I really needed some winter/wet weather boots. I was looking at the Bean site as well, trying to convinec myself to get the 6" model. The barriers to the purchase were shipping (Japan) and wait time. That following weekend, as I made my rounds, I come upon an 8" pair in my size & preferred color at the "used american casual" shop, Komehyo. I can say that I knew exactly how you felt in making your find.

Giuseppe said...

Kodou, what are the chances?

Ms. Mindless, welcome. I agree. The question is only how outrageous.