04 December 2008

Mini Rant

I know this new Google/Life Magazine photo search thing is pretty cool, but seeing it all over the place on everyone's blog every day is getting old quick.


Tucker said...

Guilty. Once and done, though.

Anonymous said...

Well then, guilty as charged, for I posted something about it recently on my humble little blog. I did, however, try to find a picture I thought was interesting to show off what riches await those who decide to dig through the collection. There are so many good pictures therein that I don't mind people posting something about it so long as they point me to an interesting picture or two.

Anonymous said...

Amico Mio,

I have to disagree.
Not everybody reads everyone's blogs and the Google/Life magazine photo search deserves as much publicity as it can get.
I've spent hours looking at fantastic photos that I'd never seen before.

Giuseppe said...

Don't get me wrong, I think its a great thing. I just feel like I've been getting flooded with it this past week.

Of course, it is possible that the real problem here is the fact that unemployment causes me to spend altogether too much time screwing around reading blogs.