20 January 2009

Ceremony Style

The internet is all atwitter with the inauguration, so I'll keep this short and style related.
I really dig Obama's purple scarf. Adds a bit of dash without looking to dandy, shows that he's not a stiff. A little modern for my own tastes, but what the hell, he is a new President for new times. Complimented Michelle's pale yellow outfit pretty good too.

Perhaps the days most overlooked sartorial gem will be Joe Biden's all black Chesterfield overcoat. Classic and sharp. He actually looks formal and ceremonial. If only he had worn a black Homburg hat, the outfit would have been complete. (No comment on Jill Biden's boots...oops, I guess that was a comment).

And speaking of hats, the runner up is Bush seniors big fur hat, you know the kind with the fold down ear flaps. I couldn't find a good photo. Anyone else catch a look at that thing? Love him or hate him, Bush senior is a real Trad, and now that he's old he gets to wear things like that with total aplomb. I'm jealous.

The only social and or political thing I'll say is that I'm glad my kids will grow up a little blinder to racism because of what happened today.


Anonymous said...

Now, let us hope that one day the President discovers the OCBD!

lisagh said...

When I saw Bush Sr.'s hat I was thrilled to bits! (if you recall, I procured a very similar piece of millinery myself just last week!)

Anonymous said...

The stark contrast between the patrician dress of the ruling class and the plebeian crowds who dressed for a trip to the mall or Disneyland rather than for an inauguration was saddenining.

Anonymous said...

Please look at the dress of the crowd during the Roosevelt inauguration in 1939:


Kim said...

And Lisagh is 'da bomb! I want to move to Winnipeg so I can borrow her clothes...okay maybe just visit since it's so darn cold. I always call those hats "Kenny the Milkman hats" because well, Kenny our milkman was the only person I ever knew who wore one!

I thought Michelle Obama's dress was very pretty--that coat dress combo has been appealing to me lately. And the purple/yellow contrasting colors....very nice. The coats always add such a buttoned up look to these events that make them seem timeless.

Hate the go-go boots. Seriously. Ick. But then again, I can never be accused of being fashionable.

Giuseppe said...


I saw your hat and its brilliant. I'll bet it almost makes you enjoy the cold.


You can't be too surprised of the people in the crowds. Its really no use comparing them to the crowd in '39. Back then, you're average homeless person dressed a little better than most people do today.

Mom on the Run,

Those boots floored me. Sure, she's in great shape for a woman her age, but the boots, short skirt, bright red coat combo was a bit, shal we say, un-inaugural. Kind of surprising, since Joe is pretty much a well dressed and dignified gut as politicians go.

ms. mindless said...

i agree with all about jill biden's boots. so inappropriate. i loved the red coat. but those boots ruined it. my favorite outfits of the day though were sasha and malia obama's fun coats. those two were so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Good call on the Chesterfield - JB really looked the part yesterday. Cold weather definitely brings out the best in men's fashion, with classics like the roll neck sweater and smart leather gloves to draw on.

Kim said...

I thought the same about the crowd, but considering that most of them had to stand out in the cold for more than 12 hours to be there, I imagine they were thinking more warmth than style.

DOTR and I joked that there's no way I'd ever feel the need to "experience" history in that manner...I can experience it just fine on my own sofa dressed in a blanket. Unless I was whisked to the front row on the dais from my warmed up limo....um, no thanks. It's first class or nothing for me, baby!

Zingiber said...

I think Michelle looked fabulous.

I didn't notice Biden's coat. He is fairly dapper, though. I used to see him on the Amtrak train sometimes going down to DC.

Charles said...

I think Bush Sr. looked pretty miserable and couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

Anonymous said...

I drove down for the inauguration. I loved H.W. Bushes hat, scarf, and turtle neck combination. They kept showing pictures of it on the jumbo trons.