11 January 2009

Whats In a Name, part 2

Yesterday this mystery jacket found its way into my closet: Navy blue wool flannel, un-darted, 3/2 button stance.
Half lined, like the old days, but appears to be brand new.The odd thing is, it has no brand name. This is the only tag in it, besides a paper one inside the left breast pocket stating that it is proudly union made. I plan to get some brass buttons for it, two each instead of three for the cuffs.

I love this jacket. True, I already own a really nice blazer from J.Press, but that one is hopsack, not flannel. The cloth is more spring/summer, and it fits my spring/summer body better. This ones built for the chill of winter, and fits my Christmas cookie body much better.

So whose jacket is this? We all love that old fashioned store brand stuff, but don't forget that many of those items were simply ordered from a factory and then fitted with store labels before being shipped out. This jacket could easily have been destined for any fine men's shop, even J.Press. It's quality is certainly on that level. My point is, labels can be a trusted mark of quality and craftsmanship, but real quality doesn't really need labels. Whose jacket is this? Its my jacket.

Not bad for $3.49. It more than makes up for the white dinner jacket that I may or may not have been right in leaving behind recently.

The brass buttons will likely cost four or five times as much as the coat. Brilliant!
p.s. Just to show I'm not all sour grapes, let me be the first to tell you that The Rival nailed it this time. I agree totally with every word of his most recent post.


Anonymous said...

I drove by you and your son on Brighton Ave. today. The Barbour/denim/Bean boot trifecta caught my eye and I realized it was you. Hope you are bracing for the cold front this week.

More on topic, I too see a lot of sweet, no label, "Made in the USA" jackets on thrift expeditions. Mostly brass buttoned, hopsack blazers though.

Giuseppe said...

I guess ther aren't too many guys in a Brbour and Bean boots on Brighton Ave. Next time I'll wear my skinny jeans and chuck taylors disguise.

Anonymous said...

Brass buttons on flannel?

Giuseppe said...


I've seen flannel blazers with brass buttons all over the place. They may not be technically correct, but here on the East Coast where winters are cold, they are almost de riguer.

My other thought was brown braided leather buttons. I haven't done anything with it yet, but those blue plastic jobbies have definitely got to go.