26 December 2008

Boxing Day

My apologies for not posting yesterday, but I was too involved with enjoying my family on Christmas to indulge in the petty vanity that is a 'style blog', or whatever you want to call this. I did indeed wear the by now famous red corduroy trousers, but I just couldn't be bothered to photograph them. We had a wonderful time, ate too much, and spoiled the boy rotten. A right proper holiday, by all accounts.

I saw fit to spend Boxing Day acquiring more stuff. Fortunately for me I'm picky, so despite the fact that even the thrift shops were having outrageous sales, I came away with only some choice items:

Who doesn't need a bright red v-neck pullover?I've never heard of Braemar International, but the wool this thing is made from is some of the softest I've felt.

A 1960s vintage 3/2 natural shouldered sport coat with 2 button cuffs. The fabric is what really got me on this one, and this photo just doesn't do it justice. At first glance, it's grey with an olive green cast, but a closer look reveals a soft box weave tweed with grey, green, navy, brown and black threads. Gorgeous.

from the Rogers Peet Company.complete with the elusive hook vent.And a couple of nice shirts.

Admittedly, aside from the jacket, there's a fair amount of sweatshop labor represented here. But until we tank out far enough to start producing our own stuff again with an eye toward hard-wearing, affordable quality, I think it would be wasteful not to give these things a second life.

Not a bad haul for $12.98 total.

p.s. thanks everybody for your kind words of encouragement following the 'Finding an Excuse' post of a few days ago. I needed that.


Old School said...

Re: "the petty vanity that is a 'style blog'" ???

A "style blog"? Hardly!
I had always thought that this was a blog about propriety, the preservation of civilized values, self-respect, and human decency.

Jean Martha said...

I picked up 3 wool sweaters at Sally's yesterday, one of them is Pendleton. I'm in the midst of washing & drying them to make felted wool for a craft project. Also, picked up a Black Flag concert t-shirt for $1.50.

You can take the girl out of the rock...but you can't take the rock out of the girl...

Giuseppe said...

Old School,

You're too kind. However I guess that is what this blog is about after all. Thanks for setting me straight.

I felt a little gross writing the phrase 'style blog' anyway, so I'm glad to hear you disagree with that term.

Renovation Therapy,

I chose the first album by Generation X as the housecleaning soundtrack this morning, so I'm with you on the rock front. I'll bet you turn that t-shirt into some kind of crafty do-dad before the week is out.

Alan said...

Great deals. I believe the amount of money one spends on an item of clothing is inversely proportional to the pleasure you get from it. Way to go!

Kim said...

I covet that red sweater.

Percy Chatsworth said...

$12.98! It always astounds me how you find such great items for nothing! I'm trying to find a nice bright red sweater myself, hopefully a vintage store will have something small for me!

heavy tweed jacket said...

Excellent find on the Rogers Peet suit! I had several Rogers Peet shirts years ago. They were hard wearing oxford cloth button downs.

Pigtown*Design said...

Braemar is an old Scottish brand. They do brilliant cashmeres as well as great wools.

Such a fun blog you've got here. My way of dressing is similar... lots of thrift finds (dozens of cashmere sweaters, a couple of hermes scarves, incredible kid and leather gloves), set off with talbots and target!