12 December 2008

Thrifty, Cheap, or Just Plain Sensible?

You tell me.

No doubt about it, times are tough, and conceivably getting tougher. So I ask you, as the cheapskate I admittedly am:

Three weeks worth of food for myself, my wife and the boy, or a couple of these and a pair of these.

Which is the better use of $300?

(if these are just the stocking stuffers, whats in the big boxes under the tree? yikes!)


Anonymous said...

Enough to turn anybody into a socialist. One can only hope that the economic situation gets worse so that these people come to their senses.

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel cursed sometimes knowing that such decadent items exist and that you want them? Wouldn't life be so much easier if you just ignorantly schlepped to the mall like the rest of the lemmings and dragged home the usual made-in-china crap?

I really shake my fist at the dude in the sky sometimes and think "why do you give me a taste for these things when I can't afford them?"

I guess that's why we he invented thrift stores...

Jean Martha said...

Pass...for now.

Yesterday was "european designer score day" for me. Found a Burberry's men's shirt. Also picked up an Yves Saint Laurent mens shirt and 3 Pink shirts. All in fabulous condition.

Also purchased a tie that just "spoke to me". It's the happiest kelly green I've ever seen and has a small springer spaniel hand painted on it - beautifully. Says it's from the The Sporting Shop in Pittsburgh, PA. No clue what I'll do with the tie but it was too cool to pass up.

Anonymous said...

No need whatsoever to envy those who can afford such decadent items: There's nothing whatsoever Trad/Ivy/Preppy about them.

Remember: It was the captains of industry who committed suicide during the Great Depression, not the poor and the unemployed.

Anonymous said...


We are old world men, we tend not to be caught up in such nonsense as indicated in that blog

We keep some nice pieces of classic clothes, not show are wealth, we are wise with our money. We also stay in the same houses regardless of how much wealth we acquire.

We like good books, our families, tend our gardens and those of us who are Irish and Catholic make sure we go to mass of Sunday and have a family dinner after.

I look at the stocking stuffers and just shake my head.

Pitboss12 said...

$200+ pajamas? I don't get it. I don't think I ever will.

Percy Chatsworth said...

We can always hope that Santa put that little boy on the naughty list, and will leave diamonds in his stocking instead of the outrageously priced pajamas.

I asked myself the same question; if those are the stocking stuffers, what are the gifts? An answer came immediately!

Another country home!