10 January 2009

Garlic For Breakfast

I promise not to make a cooking blog out of this, but I'm all euphoric from a delicious breakfast.

In addition to only wearing the clothes that others have cast aside, making sure to use up all your leftovers is an important part of being a cheapskate. Last night, Mrs. G and I had steaks with some ziti in oil and garlic on the side. The only thing left over was a spoonful of the pasta:

I like using leftover pasta as a breakfast treat. To start, saute the ziti in a little bit of olive oil mixed with butter:

When it just starts to get a little crispy at the edges, add two eggs beaten with a splash of milk:

When the eggs are almost set, flip the whole thing over, add some shredded Romano cheese to one side , and fold like an omelet. (Real Romano cheese. One thing I do not skimp on are my imported Italian foods.)

Enjoy with buttered toast, and some gut-wrenchingly strong stovetop coffee:

For 'dessert', a ripe juicy Bosc Pear:

Molto Bene!


Andrew M. said...


Old School said...

1. Complimenti al cuoco!

2. Judging by the fry pan and the knife in the photos, you don't seem to skimp on kitchen utensils either.

Anonymous said...

Looks like "penne rigate" to me.

Pitboss12 said...

Damn that looks good. I do something similar but I add little pieces of imported proscuitto from my italian deli.

Zingiber said...

Good looking frittata. Fritatta. Fritata. I never know what to do with the tatas.

Anonymous said...


You rock!!

Totally dig the blog, whether you're talkin' bout clothes, architecture, or food. Keep it up.

Giuseppe said...

Anon #1,

it is penne rigate. Minus 2 Italian points for careless writing.


I'm with you on the proscuitto. Sweet capicola works good too. I've been making an effort not to each so much of the cured pig stuff, which ain't easy for an Italian kid.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of careless writing:

It's "prosciutto", not "proscuitto"!

(What was careless about "penne rigate", by the way?)

Anon 1

Giuseppe said...

Anon 1,

Minus two Italian points for me,and my careless writing, I meant.

Minus two more for misspelling prosciutto.

Nonna would kill me if she were here.

Your last name doesn't happen to end in 'o', 'i', or 'a', does it?

Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately, I'm not Italian, just a fan of things Italian (except for Italian men's fashion--which is why I follow this blog).

Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Spelling "prosciutto" as "proscuitto" is like spelling "Giuseppe" as "Guiseppe"!

ms. mindless said...

i love my bialetti. it definitely got me through freshman year of college. i had an illegal hot plate in my dorm room and would make espresso all day and night to make it through exams. i thought my favorite aunt from naples was crazy when she gave it to me as a high school graduation present.....clearly, she had more foresight than i did.

Giuseppe said...

Ms. Mindless,

Bialetti+Lavazza+a tiny bit of sugar and a splash of milk=bliss.

Anonymous said...

Not all Italian men are slaves to Italian fashion, which is why there are four Brooks Brothers stores in Italy:

Via della Vigna Nuova, 51/r - 50123 Firenze

Via San Pietro all'Orto 10, 20121 Milan

Serravalle Designer Outlet
Via della Moda, 1-15069 Serravalle (AL)

Marco Polo Airport
Via L. Broglio, 8-30173 (Tessera) Venezia

Anonymous said...

I hope the "splash of milk" is hot (for a proper caffe macchiato).

Pigtown*Design said...

Just using my little Bialetti right now, having some brekkie, catching up on reading...

initials CG said...

Al di la' delle cose piu' belle...

Now I'm gonna have to cook a little more than usual so that I can have some the leftover pasta in the morning(which is a rare occasion...)

I forgot what's "Romano" cheese?

Giuseppe said...


Actually, its Pecorino Romano. an aged, hard sheeps milk cheese. Perfect for grating. Don't use too much salt when you cook with it though because its pretty salty itself.