20 December 2008


Greetings readers.

What with the semester finally over, I decide over the last few days that going to sleep at a reasonable hour was preferable to silly blog posting in the wee smalls of the morning. Plus, my camera needs a new memory card.

Anyway, feeling relaxed and refreshed, here's a little update.

Filson Tin Cloth
Our friend and commenter Pitboss12 informed me a while back that he had purchased a Filson tincloth coat from Ebay which never quite fit him. He sent the coat to me in hopes that it would find I good home, which it has. The thing feels like its made of steel, and smells a bit like the forest. I may have to find an excuse to chop some wood just to do it justice.

Thanks Pitboss. Random acts of kindness like this restore my faith in humanity.

My final presentation was a ripping success. The reviewers, both professional architects, said they really wish the place could be built. I've been thinking of firing up another blog devoted to architecture, so I may feature a complete rundown of the project there. Living in Boston, there are plenty of stunning buildings to talk about. Anyone have any good ideas for a name?

Gay Apparel
I went to a Christmas show that my old band was playing on Thursday night after the presentation. I wore Black Watch slacks with a Brooks Brothers oxford and bow tie, a thick white cardigan (I changed the buttons for braided leather ones) and suede shoes. Holiday-tastic!

It was great to see old friends and be out drinking beer at night time like a normal person. I had almost forgotten what that was like.

A Little Rant/Announcement
As of today, I am removing the link to A Suitable Wardrobe.

My friends and I would read this blog everyday and become infuriated, because people like to seek out that which infuriates them, I guess. In joking, my friend Dave once said "You should write a blog called 'An Affordable Wardrobe' just to show people how it really is." And so here we are.

I never wanted this blog to become a b*tch fest, so after this we'll here no more about it. I think it's childish to post complaints abut other people online all day long. However, this drove me off a cliff. With the country in the state it's in right now, it is downright disgusting to be talking about a useless set of cuff links for $5200. To me and my family that nearly a year's (!!!) worth of food. For others, that 1/4 of a years pay. I don't want to sound like a socialist or anything, but I think its about time that the more fortunate start doing their part to fix this mess we're in. Many of us have lost our jobs. You can do without that tacky 'dress set'. I'm sure it will look great at a dinner party at the 'club', as you sip a $50 ounce of booze and smoke a $30 cigar and laugh with the captains of industry about the plight of the unwashed savages.

Calling that blog a "suitable" wardrobe also implies that anything less would be unsuitable, which is also disgusting. Shame on you. I won't support you anymore.

Enough said. Let us never speak of it again.

Fluffy White Stuff
There's a ton of snow on the ground outside. I'm going to go get a new memory card so I can take some pictures.

Hopefully I'll be back to bragging about my thrift store finds tomorrow. In the meantime, I think I'll cook a batch of baked beans in the crock pot and build a snow man with the boy.


initials CG said...

Hi Giuseppe,

Hope you really do a blog about architecture. I, for one, think the whole field lost touch years ago and joined the ranks of weirder the better. Living in Rome, I see the most beautiful structures, and I can honestly say it lifts your soul. Here you can also see the worlds most depressing crap in the world too. Massimiliano Fuksas and his Cloud?!? Do you know what it cost just to heat that damned place?

Pity about ASW. I enjoyed your comments. And I was hoping you would post something about a dress set you found that originally cost a fortune, but you bagged it up for 10 bucks. Now who's the smart business man?

Making the snowman with your little boy is the true fortune no matter what.

Percy Chatsworth said...

Hooray for non-support!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Finally someone who shares a similar view towards the self congratulatory and pedantic ramblings of a middle aged clotheshorse. Having money is nice, but by no means does it guarantee style. So I have to ask, what year of studio are you in?

Anonymous said...

i've always referred to asw as the 'clothes snob blog'.

his travesty of mixing single malt with drambuie in a recent posting has also severely dented my respect for his stylishness

Pitboss12 said...

An architecture blog would be pretty interesting. Lately I've seen alot of pictures of the new architecture in Spain. Really makes you think about what is possible...

Glad you like the coat.

Anonymous said...

I too have joined the anti-ASW corps.

I will occasionally visit ASW for a glance at those old illustrations (like the one that accompanied his 19 December posting "Dress Better than Standard"). (The text of that post was good too, by the way).

Otherwise he deserves a kick in the pants for his total lack of sensitivity to the plight of those who don't have money to burn. I would even go so far as to call ASW "immoral", given the current economic situation.

An Unsuitable Wardrobe would be a far more accurate name for that blog.

heavy tweed jacket said...

I really like the idea of posts about architecture. Why not keep them within this blog? I like blogs that have multiple facets of the 'trad' take on life. How about combining some common Ivy interests? The buildings of the trad clothiers around the Boston area? The historical jazz clubs/buildings of the Boston area? The correlation between site and building when the building was new, and the connection or disconnection of that building in today's context might offer some interesting findings on trad history. Just a few thoughts.

Charles said...

I also favor the 1 man 1 blog approach unless you are trying to talk to other professionals.

Anonymous said...

"The blight of others"? One out of a hundred more people are unemployed today then six months ago, and we're all supposed to feel so bad that we only shop at the Salvation Army? Please, stop sounding like children. Some of us have worked hard for twenty years and aren't really affected. I won't feel bad for that. Don't bother responding to begin an argument. I won't be back.

Giuseppe said...


Plenty of hard working people are in tough straits right now. I didn't mean to suggest that shopping at Salvation Army was the answer. I just think that bragging about a $5000 peice of jewelry is more than a little bit tactless and inconsiderate given the current state of things.

If people with families and children are to be expected to tighten thier belts, than the we should expect the rich to do the same, or at least have the decorum to keep thier status to themselves for a while.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote "the blight of others" rather than the "plight of others" needs a lesson in spelling (and tact).

Alan said...

I think you should leave a link to ASW and just add a note that it is not to be taken seriously. ASW is unintentionally funny.